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Your company is flourishing. Your employees are involved and motivated, and you would like to keep it that way, much like your profitability and good relations with the tax authorities. With a tax legislation that appears to be in constant flux, however, this is not always easy.


You want to control your wage costs, but you would also like to utilise every available opportunity to reward your personnel in a fiscally friendly way. It is good to know then that the specialists at Grant Thornton are there to advise and assist you.  


Our fiscal advisors navigate effortlessly the labyrinth of legislation and regulations. We advise you on the right and most profitable application regulations, taxes and forms of compensation. We also assess labour relations and possible liability risks with regard to employee-employer relationships and other issues of labour relations.


With our knowledge of labour relations and terms of employment, we help you to optimise your personnel costs. Our advisors support your organisation in guarding itself against the risk of additional taxes or fines. They know the benefits and disadvantages of, for example, the Dutch life-course savings scheme, and offer expert advice in establishing fiscally responsible cost reimbursement regulations.