Restructuring & performance Improvement

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Is your company in trouble? Have you seen the first signs of a drop in earnings? Recent challenges call for a change in strategy and decisions need to be made quickly. Issues need to be identified so you can take appropriate action.



During the current recession there may be less demand for your products, tougher competition may put pressure on your profit margins, your main suppliers may have gone out of business, or you're finding the ever-changing regulatory and industry standard requirements are having an effect on your financial performance. All of these may be reasons why you need to achieve a turnaround. At Grant Thornton, we have the experience to help you make the necessary changes and manage the process so you can get your business back on track without delay.


When it comes to restructuring, the emphasis tends to be on working capital and cash, especially if banks are tightening your credit facilities. The implementation of effective cash management is crucial, and our experts will use their operational and financial experience to help you optimise your cost structure and increase your profit margins. Identifying your core products and customers is also key and with the right management information you will be able to identify problems earlier and take appropriate action.


Performance Improvement

Your company may not be in immediate trouble, but you can see the need for improvement and growth. Implementing efficiency measures early on, will put you in a better position. Improvement processes, cost reductions, acquisitions and new growth markets are all options that you might consider. Our specialists will be happy to explain how they can help you put the right key performance indicators in place. Whether it concerns improvements in working capital, optimised cash management, smart investments or simply the need for raising additional liquidity. Our ultimate objective is to work with you to improve the performance of your company and increase its value. Our specialists have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience to help you through any situation. Whether you are in need of a (creditor) business review, improved product and market alignment, a comprehensive cost reduction programme or distressed M&A support, we can help you.


Our philosophy is not to simply present you with a report of our analysis, but also to help you taking the required action. Regardless of whether we are assisting you with a restructuring or a performance improvement process, we are hands-on. Rapid action is essential, especially if your company has already reached a critical phase. Due to our strong believe in quality and results, in many cases we are able to offer a flexible cost structure with an attractive lowbase rate combined with a performance based success fee. This creates a win-win situation.