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Grant Thornton attaches great importance to processing your personal information in a manner in keeping with the latest security measures to protect your privacy. Grant Thornton only requests personal information if this is necessary for the provision of our services.


If you opt to order a brochure, apply for employment, sign up for a newsletter, ask questions/make comments or make use of any other service on the website, you may be asked to provide certain personal information about yourself or to provide this information of your own accord. If you have submitted questions/comments by e‑mail and/or requested other services available on the website, it is possible that Grant Thornton has used your information to contact you to provide these services. Grant Thornton stores this personal information in a secure environment, which is accessible only by a small number of professionals in our organisation.


The Grant Thornton website automatically generates log files of the pages you and other visitors access. Grant Thornton keeps track of user data, such as source addresses from which the website is accessed, IP addresses and domain names, dates and times at which the website pages are accessed, the hyperlinked websites and other URL parameters. The log files and data will be anonymised and used for statistical purposes, as well as for the purposes of improving services offered via the website.


Grant Thornton uses your information exclusively for the purposes for which you intend them to be used. Grant Thornton will never make this personal information available to third parties, unless required to do so by law, rules of conduct and professional regulations, court order and/or upon your explicit request.


Grant Thornton will not save your personal data any longer than is necessary to meet your request, unless the data is necessary in order to meet a specific statutory obligation to retain data.


On its website, Grant Thornton can include hyperlinks to third-party websites, which are not offered, supervised or maintained by Grant Thornton. It is possible that these third parties or others will collect information on you via these websites. Under no circumstances does Grant Thornton accept any responsibility whatsoever for the content of these websites or the actions of these third parties or others.


Grant Thornton reserves the right to change or adapt the privacy statement at any time and without prior notice.


If you have any questions and/or comments regarding the processing of your personal information on the Grant Thornton website, please e-mail to