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Finding a suitable match at the most optimum terms. That, in a nutshell, aptly describes the objective of mergers and acquisitions. To most businesses mergers or acquisitions are not standard daily practice. It is, however, for the professionals at Grant Thornton! Seeking their services will add value instantly.


The corporate finance professionals at Grant Thornton work on the basis of process management during a merger, sale or acquisition process. That means that the specialists from Grant Thornton are actively involved from the first crucial information phase up to the closing management: sealing the deal.


The information phase is crucial. A thorough analysis and assessment of all relevant information (e.g. financial, commercial, fiscal, terms of employment and market) goes into the key information memorandum. Thus creating a singular view on the company to all parties, creates a basis for a truly efficient process.


The power of Grant Thornton lies in, for instance, the high degree of seniority within the teams. The fact that the teams are part of a global network with a large number of international assignments contributes even more added value. The highly experienced corporate finance department covers the international field with a network of more than a thousand professionals. A valuable helping hand in finding the most appropriate match for merger, acquisition or sale.