Litigation support

Arbitration: a specialty requiring both empathy and independence. Grant Thornton is intimately familiar with these requirements. We are regularly called in as independent experts in complex disputes, such as when a difference of opinion arises about the valuation of shares or share packages. Our involvement is sometimes also requested in corporate law disputes and matters requiring a judgement on statements or documentation.


Grant Thornton can serve an independent role as a third party, mediate in the dispute and possibly make a binding judgement. Our financial, fiscal and legal specialists can also be brought in by a single party to serve as an adviser and offer support in an arbitration case. In this type of case, Grant Thornton specifically represents that client in the arbitration. It is accordingly not an independent position in the strictest sense of the word. However, our advisors are bound by the standards of integrity and good governance that Grant Thornton maintains in all its activities.