A good pension plan is a full-range concept: based on a carefully constructed combination of requirements, tailored to the preferences and expectations of the pension beneficiary. It could concern the pension of the manager and owner of a company, an independent entrepreneur, a collective pension plan for employees, or a private individual.


The pension advisors at Grant Thornton think in terms of total concepts. The unique aspect here is that they operate completely independently. Our main objective is to create an optimal solution for the client, so our pension advisors do not take commissions, but work on the basis of declarations or fixed price agreements.


The pension advisors at Grant Thornton use the client’s views as the underlying principle. The final structure of the pension scheme is always defined in close consultation. Financial insight and fiscal expertise lead to logical choices. A suitable pension provider can then be located to provide the concept as developed.


The expertise available at Grant Thornton also offers added value in developing or changing collective employee pension plans. Involvement could take place in the role of an independent advisor for a well-considered second opinion, or as a specialist to provide recommendations for setting up a completely new plan.