Financial planning

You want to retire early. How is your financial situation shaping up? How much pension will you actually receive when you reach 65? What would the fiscal consequences be if you become disabled or if you die?


These are typical questions addressed by the financial planners at Grant Thornton. Financial planning is one form of advising about the personal finances of a private individual or entrepreneur. It is an indispensable instrument to steer your sources of income, pension and accumulation of wealth, as well as the associated risks, in the right direction. 


There simply are no standard solutions for financial planning. Grant Thornton understands that. Individual situations reveal a tremendous level of diversity. As an entrepreneur, you might be focusing on the establishment phase of your company. By now, you may have consolidated your position, for example, through the transfer of your company. Our advisors have the expertise and experience to identify the best choice and the best solutions in every situation and in every phase.