Estate planning

You want to bequeath your wealth to the next generation. Ideally, this will be possible without an undue amount of taxation, for example, as part of a company transfer, a gift or an inheritance arrangement. All these forms of property transfer fall under the category of estate planning.  


This, however, by no means delineates the boundaries of this specialist service. Estate planning also involves matrimonial property law, including optimisation the matrimonial property regime, and divorce settlement. It also includes the valuation of wealth and the complex aspects of international situations, such as the ownership of a home abroad. In each of these situations, the estate planning specialists at Grant Thornton can advise you on the most beneficial positions and regulations.


With their extensive expertise in the area of finance, our advisors are the perfect partner in guiding, assessing and calculating wills and gifting programmes. In commercial situations, we advise on fiscal-corporate aspects for your company. In short, the optimum realisation of all aspects in regard to your current and future wealth is safe in our trusted, expert hands.