IT audit

Information is everything. Today’s national and multinational organisations depend to a large extent on the reliability and availability of information traffic. It is hugely important, because it directly affects an organisation's success and whether it achieves its objectives. As a result, your ICT infrastructure has become one of the most critical parts of the organisation. 


The development and application of increasingly complex systems increases the quality and speed of your information. But the pivotal role that ICT systems and information traffic occupy also entails a number of risks. Consider, for example, implementation issues, errors in programming, misuse, malfunctions, fraud and sabotage. All these different threats can have enormous consequences for the continuity of the organisation.


IT management has a primary task here: to implement measures to manage and secure the proper functioning of the information systems. In other words, they need to develop a preventive policy, geared towards avoiding risks and threats. The IT auditors at Grant Thornton understand these crucial issues like no other. They offer professional support to achieve efficient, secure and reliable automation. An IT audit by Grant Thornton offers more than simply an understanding of the quality of your IT structure. It also offers solutions for further improvements and increased security of your most essential and valuable possession.