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Is your company considerably growing or do you have the intention to acquire another company to satisfy your strategic goals? Or maybe a corporate loan requires refinancing? Anyway the availability of working capital is a must when business changes in your organization.


Financial institutions are tightening their outstanding (credit) facilities. Money is scarcely at present. The current economic circumstances do have a major impact on credit facilities, their rates as well as the required funding conditions. A financial institution is only able to lend out an euro once. Due to this raising of capital requires an adequate preparation. Currently the financial institutions are more critical when receiving funding requests. Yet five years ago, handing in an annual report and some projections to your bankers were sufficient to continue the funding process. Nowadays your bankers require a well-founded financing plan with at least a management-case and a worst-case scenario including ratio analysis, in order to get into a serious conversation with the bankers.


Our services
Before we start assisting you in the funding request, we can make a quick scan to test the feasibility of the proposition. This will enable us also to analyse the current capital structure and the related terms & conditions of the current debt. In many occasions companies are not properly funded due to less attractive or even excessive interest rates.


We provide an independent advice on all aspects of funding and add value through our extensive expertise. The following steps are to be considered in the funding process:

  • business and risk analysis (including market analysis);
  • financial analysis including ratio analysis and financial modelling; 
  • capital structuring (junior & senior debt, mezzanine debt, leverage finance, credit facility, leasing, factoring, sale-and-leaseback construction, real estate finance);
  • advising on public guarantee facilities, including BMKB (Besluit Borgstelling MKB Kredieten), GO-facility (Garantie Ondernemingsfinanciering) and Growth facility;
  • drawing up a business plan including financial analysis for funders; 
  • contacting bankers, leasing companies and private equity firms; 
  • assisting in interviews and negotiations with corporate lenders or investment companies, review loan documentation in order to close the deal.


Financing Memorandum
We will draw up a financing memorandum. A great advantage for you is that the memorandum has been written in such a way that you can approach several bankers or financial institutions in order to obtain the different offers.

Consequently our Debt Advisory team can give further support and advise you whilst making the right choice for the future of your company’s activities.


Our expertise
Our team is familiar with the internal approval process within bankers organisations and dispose of adequate experience in structuring complex financings, mostly due to their previous employment as bankers. 


Should you be either interested in a funding advice or simply require more information about our services please get in touch, our Debt Advisory specialists will be more than happy to help.