Corporate tax

The Netherlands’ tax regime is highly dynamic. Rules and the administrative courts raise new challenges in fiscal considerations on a nearly daily basis, both nationally and internationally. NagtionThis impacts national and multinational businesses.


You can rely on Grant Thornton to ensure that our fiscal experts always keep abreast of the very latest developments in the ever-changing fiscal situation. Our extensive international network guarantees that the knowledge we possess can be utilised all over the world.


Thanks to an extensive range of fiscal specialities, our experts offer you a clear and effective answer to the most complex fiscal questions. Close cooperation between the various disciplines guarantees that you will receive high-quality advice. 


The appropriate tax advice can help optimise the financial consequences of key decisions. Having our fiscal experts review your annual accounts may optimise your fiscal positions. The right choice in terms of property investments, transfers or acquisitions can significantly impact your bottom line.


Grant Thornton also offers fiscal expertise in such areas as transnational forms of enterprises, cooperation issues and reorganisations.