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Contemporary companies and organisations must navigate a constantly changing environment. You must respond to national and international developments. You must deal with economic factors, market/personnel diversity and new technologies. Shareholders, legislators, regulators and inspectors closely track new developments. Your world is full of risks that can jeopardise your organisation’s objectives.


Risk management

Risks can never be completely eliminated. You can, however, make them manageable. By means of balanced risk management, you bring risks and actions in balance.

Risk management is part of responsible entrepreneurship and forms the basis for a strong competitive position. An inventory of the most significant threats offers insight into the necessary management control measures. You can feel at ease in entrusting these tasks to the independent risk management specialists at Grant Thornton. We are a partner who offers solutions based on experience and an extensive range of risk management services.


Internal audit services

The implementation of risk management control measures is an important step. In the next phase, you will want to measure and analyse the effects and results. The most commonly used instrument for this analysis involves the establishment of an internal audit function. For this, too, you can rely on Grant Thornton. Our internal audit services are geared towards helping you perform these types of internal audits and analyses. We have a large group financial auditors and a broad group of specialists, including IT auditors and tax specialists.


If you wish, we can also handle the internal audit function either in part or in its entirety, including the IT audits and the assessment of the payroll administration. Our approach is geared towards finding a solution – in consultation with you – that is best suited to you and your organisation.


The professionals at Grant Thornton use carefully developed electronic auditing tools. This state-of-the-art audit technology contributes to efficient and effective research, resulting in clear and insightful reports.